VCD cover  Francis Ng having a smoke



Director: Francis Ng

Stars: Francis Ng, Christine Ng, Amanda Lee, Miu Chun Fai

Francis Ng's directorial debut comes off a bit like a possible Hong Kong version of Bad Lieutenant as done by Wong Kar-Wai. It doesn't really have the style of Wong's movies or the blunt ferocity of Ferrara's, but it is a well-crafted and interesting take on the cop movie. The film does look good courtesy of cinematographer Herman Yau, the soundtrack is excellent and best of all, Francis Ng gives a great performance as cop who is pushed into doing dirty deeds after he accidentally kills a hostage. 9413 is a bit slow-moving and almost self-indulgent in parts, but overall this is a good movie that made me interested to see more of Ng's directorial work.


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