Drunken Master : 


Drunken Master


Director: Yuen Woo-Ping

Stars: Jackie Chan, Simon Yuen, Hwang Jang-Lee

Chan stars as Wong Fei-Hung, a hot-headed teenager who loves to fight. After screwing around in his dad's school, Fei-Hung is sent to train with his crazy uncle (Simon Yuen), who is known for crippling his students. Fei-Hung promptly runs away, but after being beat and humiliated by a thug, he comes back to his uncle to begin his training in earnest.

Drunken Master was Chan's second big hit (the first being Snake in the Eagle's Shadow), and it was the first Chan movie to fully integrate the comedy and kung fu genres. It still holds up quite well today. The comedic bits (especially the ones involving Fei-Hung's crazy uncle) are pretty funny, and the fights are staged well, though not quite up to the level of some of Chan's later films. Worth checking out, but beware of the many shoddy copies floating about.


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