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Don't Stop My Crazy Love for You

AKA: Can't Stop My Crazy Love for You

Year of release: 1993

Genre: exploitation

Director: Hon Wai Daat

Stars: Simon Yam, Yvonne Yung Hung, Vincent Wan, Michael Wong

Rated III for sexual content, nudity, language and violence

Version reviewed: Winson VCD

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Don't Stop My Crazy Love for You is probably more well-known for its' infamously bad subtitles than anything else. Gems like "You shot my dicky!" have made this a long-time favorite of gweilo HK movie fans. Even with the crappy subtitles, it's still a good exploitation flick, with Simon Yam at his smarmy best and the lovely Yvonne Yung Hung providing some nice eye candy.

The plot has Yam as a cop who is obsessed with TV reporter Hung. Yam's obsession cannot be held back, and he eventually attacks her. After the police fail to provide any justice, Yvonne sets out to exact her own revenge by luring in Simon with her "goodies". The finale is a blitzkrieg of sex and violence that should satisfy most any fan of this genre.

Even though the movie ends strong, it does take its' time to get going, wasting a lot of time with dopey comedy. Most of it comes unintentionally from Michael Wong, who plays Yvonne's husband, and the aforementioned crappy subtitles. Also, like a lot of Cat III "roughies", Don't Stop My Crazy Love for You was obviously shot on a very small budget and looks cheap. At any rate, these are probably minor complaints, as the picture does deliver the sleazy goods -- you just have to be a bit paitent to get to them.


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