Year of release: 2006

Genre: ghost

Director: Lam Kin-Yung

Producer: Tsui Siu-Ming

Stars: Stephen Fung, Gillian Chung, Raymond Wong, Cheung Sai, Kau Lap Yi, Steven Cheung, Wong Yat-Fei, Lo Meng

Rated IIB for language and violence

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49 Days

49 Days

49 Days is an entertaining foray into the world of Hong Kong ghost movies that doesn't really tread any new ground, but should still please fans of the genre. Starring Stephen Fung, it tells the story of a businessman who is framed for the arson of his factory by a jealous co-worker (Raymond Wong). With a tough court case ahead of him, the only lawyer willing to defend the case (Gillian Chung) disappears suddenly, leaving Stephen to face the executioner's blade. However, an escape plan comes his way, and Stephen seems to get away... or does he?

49 Days

Like I said before, 49 Days doesn't do anything all that new, but it gets pretty far on the strength of its' stars and a slick production, which is a nice contrast to many Hong Kong ghost pictures, which usually use no-name actors and look like they were shot for a budget of fifty cents. There are also a few genuine creep-out moments, such as when Stephen has to sew his severed head on to keep it from falling off. However, the story is pedestrian with no real twists, and there's really not all that much to seperate 49 Days from the dozens and dozens or similar films that Hong Kong has produced over the years.

49 Days