Year of release: 2004

Genre: comedy

Director: Adrian Kwan

Stars: Kenny Kwan, Steven Cheung, Katie Kwok, Ray Lui, Cheung Tat-Ming, Tats Lau, Michael Chan, Law Kar-Ying, Wu Feng, Lau Shun, Yau Yuet-Ching, Roderick Lam, Bonnie Wong, Charlene Choi, Gillian Chung, Jeff Lau

Rated IIB for language and violence

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6 AM

6 AM

If you looked up “bland” in the dictionary, chances are that you would find a picture of Kenny Kwan and Steven Cheung (aka the bubblegum pop duo Boy'z). There's nothing disturbing or that off-setting about them, but they're about as exciting as watching the Weather Channel. And when you're asking this “undynamic duo” to carry a movie, that's asking too much for most people to sit through, this reviewer included.

6 AM has Kwan and Cheung playing school chums who take to posing as “extras” for a local gangster (played by long-time HK Triad mainstay Michael Chan) while they are trying to avoid being beat up by the neighborhood bully. The kids are brought to a Triad ”war meeting”, where they are recruited to chop the hand of a gangster who disgraced the local “big brother” (portrayed by Ray Lui). Armed with a wad of cash, they have until six in the morning to complete their task – but they run into a series of obstacles along the way which threatens their mission.

6 AM

The plot here itself isn't too bad, but ultimately the movie feels like it goes nowhere. Even with generic actors, talented film-makers can usually pull something out. Sadly, that is not the case here. The script is by-the-numbers and the characters never fully develop; when the actors are supposed to be displaying real emotion near the finale, it comes off as hollow. Other areas of the film fall short as well -- 6 AM even falls prey to one of the most-often used crutches of film-makers: a sappy musical montage. When it was used in this instance, instead of grabbing a kleenex to wipe away the tears, I wanted to grab the remote and turn off my DVD player.

These shortcomings might have been forgiven if 6 AM was actually funny, but, besides a few small chuckles, there's not much here to tickle the funny bones of viewers. The movie tries its' hardest at Stephen Chow-style “nonsense” comedy with lots of movie parodies, but since Kwan and Cheung have little of the chemistry of Chow, the parodies – like the rest of the film – falls flat. Even if you're a die-hard Boy'z or Twins (who, despite their high billing, only appear for a short time) fan, you must have something better to do with your time than watching this snoozer.

6 AM