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Devil's Dynamite
(aka Devil Dynamite)
1987; directed by Godfrey Ho

From the addled and twisted mind of cut-and-paste schlock master Godfrey Ho comes Devil's Dynamite, an extremely strange (even by Ho's low standards) film that mashes up vampires, ninjas, superheroes, and gambling into an end product that really only the hardest of the hardcore Z-movie lovers will be able to enjoy.

Like most of Ho's oeuvre, Devil's Dynamite is a mash-up of scenes from various movies, though this time out he did not actually create any of the footage featured here. With this picture, Ho used at least two sources: the 1979 Hong Kong film The Giant of Casino and the 1982 Taiwanese production The Stunning Gambling. After slapping on some new fake credits -- which features all western names (including Ho using the pseudonym Joe Livingston) even though there's only a couple of gweilos in the movie -- we get this pile of hot mess.

Devil's Dynamite

Keeping the mish-mash nature of the production in mind, trying to give a coherent plot synopsis may be an exercise in futility, but here goes. Steve (Tsung Hua) is a gambler getting out of prison and looking to get revenge on Mary (Angela Mao), the crime boss who sent him to the clink. Also on Mary's trail is Alex (Ling Yun), a police officer who has the ability to turn into the silver lame-swaddled hero Shadow Warrior. So, as any sane person would do, Mary hires an evil Taoist priest to create a group of vampire assassins to protect her.

But wait, there's more! How about a subplot involving an annoying little kid who likes dressing as a vampire chasing after a girl who may or may not be a ghost? And of course, we have ninjas -- unfortunately sans Ho's usual day-glo headbands, but they do get turned into vampires in a plot device that is never explained. All of this nuttiness is displayed with all the style and panache of your uncle trying to make home movies at a family reunion. If these bon mots have still not dissuaded you from seeing Devil's Dynamite, you'd probably enjoy it, especially after a few (or perhaps many) frosty adult beverages.


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