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Sunday, May 24

Movie review: All's Well Ends Well 2012

Donnie Yen is known as one of the world's toughest martial arts stars, but he showcased his comedic side with the Lunar New Year release All's Well Ends Well 2012. Apparently, Donnie's "comedic side" involves wearing bad looking wigs. Oh, the hilarity. You had better have some Excedrin ready for this one.

Full review here

Movie review: The Taking of Tiger Mountain

Based on the Chinese novel Tracks in the Snowy Forest by Qu Bo, Tsui Hark's latest film, The Taking of Tiger Mountain -- which has recently been released in North America by Well Go USA -- is a fine setpiece for the legendary director. The film's action scenes are full of polish and are appropriately explosively kinetic and surprisingly visceral and bloody, which lifts the picture from the doldrums that an overlong running time created to pad the film for Mainland audiences and a storyline tweaked to satisfy Mainland censorship standards brings forth.

Full review here

Friday, May 8

Movie review: Sweet Alibis

A dead poodle, chocolate bar, and a bag of methamphetamine form the basis for the goofy cop comedy Sweet Alibis, which is a decent film, if totally unremarkable besides the fact that it is indeed a goofy comedy instead of the dour melodrama one tends to expect from modern Taiwanese cinema.

Full review here

Thursday, May 7

Upcoming DVD/VOD release: Cross

Well GO USA is bringing Cross to DVD and video on demand June 23rd. The film stars Simon Yam as Lee Leung, a man devastated by his wife’s suicide who decides to save as many souls as he can by killing suicidal people before they do it themselves. Well Go's release will be uncut and in the original language.

The DVD is available for pre-order at Amazon.

Saturday, May 2

Movie review: The Man with the Iron Fists 2

Though the first film was not a huge hit by any means, it has become a cult favorite, so perhaps it was inevitable that a sequel would come out. This time, the release went straight to home video. Often, that is not indicative of a film's quality or entertainment factor, but here, it seems to fit the bill.

Full review here

Sunday, April 26

Movie review: Kung Fu Jungle

Donnie Yen stomps his way back on to the big screen with Kung Fu Jungle, which is being brought out theatrically by Well Go USA in select American cities under the title Kung Fu Killer. For fans of Yen's work, this is most definitely a release worth heading to the local multiplex to check out.

Full review here

Friday, April 24

Movie review: Five Shaolin Masters

Even the greatest auteurs will have a few misfires in their cinematic canons, and Chang Cheh is no exception. His 1974 film Five Shaolin Masters is not a truly bad film by any stretch of the imagination, but it feels like it is just going through the motions, which is especially disappointing considering the cast and crew involved.

Full review here

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