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Thursday, September 25

Upcoming DVD release: Touch of the Light

Well Go USA is bringing out the critically acclaimed Taiwanese drama Touch of the Light to DVD on November 25. The film, which tells the story of a blind pianist finding love with a young dancer, was Taiwan's entry in the Best Foreign Language Film category at last year's Oscars and garnered the Best Director prize at the prestigious Golden Horse Awards. No pre-order links are up yet, but for the latest information on the release, you can visit Well Go's site.

Wednesday, September 24

Movie review: The Detonator

When the bottom of the Hong Kong movie industry began to fall out, director Leung Po-Chi soon found himself scrambling to find work. Most of his releases over the past two decades have been similar to this low-budget fare shot in eastern Europe featuring a leading actor whose best years are behind him.

Full review here

Monday, September 22

Updated review: 14 Blades

Anchor Bay has recently put out Donnie Yen's 2010 wuxia picture 14 Blades on DVD and Blu-ray from a source supplied by The Weinstein Company, who don't exactly have the best track record for pleasing fans of Asian cinema with their releases. Is this new Blu-ray any better?

Full review here

Saturday, September 20

Movie review: Friend 2: The Great Legacy

Originally released in 2001, Friend could have similarities drawn with A Better Tomorrow. Not exactly in plot and execution, but rather in the way it redefined and revitalized the South Korean gangster film. A dozen years later, writer/director Kyung-Taek Kwak has returned with the sequel.

Full review here

Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray/VOD release: As the Light Goes Out

Simon Yam, Nicholas Tse, and Shawn Yue teamed up with writer/director Derek Kwok for the firefighter themed Hong Kong box office hit As the Light Goes Out, which is headed to North American DVD, Blu-ray, and video on demand November 18 courtesy of Well Go USA. Firm details on the release are not known, but Well Go's track record has been to put out movies uncut and in their original language, and this looks to be no exception.

There are no pre-release links at this point, but for the latest information on the release, you can head over to Well Go's site.

Friday, September 12

Movie review: Firestorm

It's really no secret that Hong Kong action cinema has been in a downward turn the past several years. But every once in a while, a release comes along to remind viewers why they started to like these sorts of films in the first place -- and Firestorm is the latest to (pardon the pun) carry the torch.

Full review here

Friday, September 5

Movie review: Lost in Time

A weepy romantic drama about bus drivers with a wee tot caught in the middle might sound like a recipe for disaster, but 2003's Lost in Time manages to overcome many of the pitfalls of the genre, mostly through the strength of the cast's performances, especially young Harashima Daichi.

Full review here

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