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Thursday, October 30

Movie review: Beijing Rocks

Beijing Rocks is a well-made and thoughtful look into the lives of young people in millennial China. On the surface, this type of film may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it strikes enough of a balance between auteuristic and entertaining to give it a potentially wider audience than your usual foreign arthouse fare.

Full review here

Tuesday, October 28

Movie review: Kung Fu Fever

The worlds of Bruceploitation and blaxploitation collide in Kung Fu Fever, which also goes by probably a dozen other names in a dozen other low-budget VHS and DVD releases, such as the version watched for this review, Black Dragon Fever, released from the thinly-veiled bootlegging company Ground Zero.

Full review here

Friday, October 24

Movie review: Iceman

After the success of the Ip Man films and a string of successful releases, Donnie Yen has become arguably the world's biggest martial arts star. But, for all his talents, Yen has never been known as a comedian, something which is glaringly apparent with Iceman, a remake of Iceman Cometh that misses the mark.

Full review here

Tuesday, October 21

Movie review: The Shopaholics

The Shopaholics doesn't deviate too much (if any) from the Lunar New Year release playbook. Namely, it depends on star power and a lot of cameos to buoy a story that is as light and fluffy as a tub of Cool Whip. For what it is, this film does things well enough that it's worth checking out if you like the actors involved.

Full review here

Saturday, October 18

Movie review: Kundo: Age of the Rampant

Kundo set South Korean box office records upon its' release earlier this year. After viewing the new Blu-ray released by Well Go USA, it's easy to see why. This is a very fun movie. In fact, it's probably the best martial arts/western/period piece mashup with a Robin Hood influence that you're likely to come across.

Full review here

Thursday, October 16

Movie review: The Last Supper

Even thugh may fans are getting tired of the wave du jour of "historical epic" films, director Lu Chuan has shown he can craft interesting takes on well-worn stories. Here, Lu puts his own spin on the story of the feast at Hong Gate, an event which was also recently brought to the big screen with White Venegeance.

Full review here

Friday, October 3

Movie review: Filthy Guy

You would expect that not every one of Sammo Hung's almost two hundred credits is going to be a gem. 1978's Filthy Guy is a case in point. It's certainly not the worst kung fu movie ever created, but one definitely gets the sense that this was a rushed production, with Sammo not able to give his all.

Full review here

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