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Thursday, June 8

Movie review: Operation Mekong

Dante Lam's latest release plays just as fast and loose with the historical facts as just about every other recent production involving Mainland producers, even going so far as to portraying Chinese nationalistic paramiltary forces as so benevolent towards even the most hardened and violent of criminals that they take care to not use real bullets.

Full review here

Monday, May 29

Movie review: Sky on Fire

With Daniel Wu's skills and popularity at a career high, the anticipation of him returning to China to work with a veteran of Hong Kong film's "golden age" like Ringo Lam sent many fans into a fever pitch. Sadly, the results here are more tepid than white hot, leaving this as yet another disappointing recent release from the region.

Full review here

Saturday, April 8

Movie review: Sword Master

Before becoming a noted writer and director in the 1980's, Derek Yee starred in around 40 productions for the famous Shaw Brothers studio. His breakout role was in 1977's Death Duel, which he has now remade with the 2016 release Sword Master. Does Yee's take on the classic material have any sway for modern audiences?

Full review here

Saturday, March 18

Movie review: Three

Some have been of course stronger than others, but Johnnie To's films for the most part represent the best that the Hong Kong movie industry has to offer, and his newest release, Three, is no exception -- though, in a bit of irony, the movie offers up very little of the stylish and oftentimes quirky panache To has become known for.

Full review here

Saturday, February 11

Movie review: From Vegas to Macau 3

There's really no sane reason reason would jump right into the third installment of a nosediving franchise where Wong Jing is happily cannibalizing his cinematic entrails for the sake of Mainland money. But, hey, there hasn't been a review of a new release on here for a while and we need some content, so away we go.

Full review here

Tuesday, January 31

Movie review: Cold War 2

Though we weren't a big fan of the pro-China propaganda prominently featured in Cold War, no could deny the power of the performances and kinetic action sequences. Thankfully, the sequel cuts out a lot of the fat and political tinges, leaving a lean and mean action/drama that'll please most fans of the region's cinema.

Full review here

Wednesday, December 28

Movie review: Railroad Tigers

Once upon a time, the mere notion of a Jackie Chan movie coming out would be a cause celebre. Now, sadly, it really ends up being a small blip on most moviegoers radar, even for those who have been long invested in the cinematic shenananigans and upward highlights of one once young Mr. Chan.

Full review here

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