picture picture picture picture It's common knowledge that Martial Arts movie legend Jackie Chan can design death defying stunts and amazing fight choreography. But did you know he has also designed clothing, accessories, bags, household goods and umbrellas (and not just the umbrella that he used to hang off the bus in Police Story)?

Anyone who has seen the out takes at the end of Jackie films probably noticed his stuntmen wearing specially designed T-shirts that have Jackie's own Stunt Team logo on them. Back in the 80s, Jackie started designing T-shirts for his team and the crew to wear on the sets of his films. In dusty conditions his crew needed bandanas to avoid breathing in harmful particles and so he designs these to give out to his crew as well. Jackie has gone on to design caps, towels, jackets, gloves, tracksuits and training gear for today's serious martial artist, tool and equipment bags, camera covers and other items the crew could use in their jobs. He began giving some of these out as gifts and pretty soon they were in demand by his army of adoring fans as well. Another popular gift that Jackie designed was rulers made of actual strips of movie film from his movies. These have become special gifts, often given out by Jackie to children in hospitals and as part of school supplies provided by Jackie to impoverished school children across the world.

Jackie took the opportunity to not only use his designs to give people items with his name or the stunt team logo on them, but also to help promote Chinese culture. In 1985 Tide Mark Enterprise Limited was founded in Hong Kong as an independent company established by Jackie Chan. The company not only produces the items, but started marketing them for the international market in 2003. Jackie's designs convey the essence of Chinese traditions, ethnicity and literature with a blend of Jackie's own unique creative ideas and personal experiences in all aspects of life. While his stunt team shirts remain popular, Jackie has also designed shirts and other items that feature Chinese calligraphy and sayings, smiling Buddahs, opera masks (as a salute to his early Peking Opera Martial Arts Training) and more. To this day, Jackie remains involved in each step of the product design process to ensure that each item satisfies his requirements for excellence, style, and safety.

And now, Jackie Chan Products (UK) has become an officially licensed distributor and gateway for folks in the UK and Europe to have these high-quality products. Jackie Chan Products (UK) joins stores based in Russia and Japan as well to bring Jackie's clothing and accessories to you. One of the benefits of having a UK branch is that, in many cases it saves shipping and customs charges that you would have to pay elsewhere. The store also converts its prices easily from Pound Sterling to Euro. Jackie Chan Products (UK) accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Switch, Maestro, Solo as well as many others via Paypal. Cheques and postal orders are also accepted. And you can be assured that all orders are shipped by Registered Mail with tracking.

Have a look for yourself at the variety of items on offer. Right now you will find everything from clothing to items for your home and even your car! There are also limited edition collectables from Jackie's films and items that combine practicality with collect-ability, like the Police Story range of mobile phone accessories. And there will be more items coming shortly. Other product lines in the future may include, but are not limited to, menswear, kidswear, footwear, food products, headwear, timepieces and accessories.

Visit the store now at: www.jackiechanproducts.co.uk
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