Miscellaneous Pictures

Mikey is proud of his work
Worst idea for a movie ever
Be very afraid
My sentiments exactly
Hey, it's the auditions for "Chinese Hercules 2"
Yeah, what he said
Aaron Kwok displaying his "unique" fashion sense
Andy Lau, Cecilia Cheung and Anthony Wong at an awards show
Anya is ready to hand out some discipline
Athena Chu is hitting the bottle again
Anthony Wong proves you can still look tough while wearing a surgical mask
Eason Chan practices for his new job as a waiter in a Mexican restaraunt
Some of the excellent subtitles from "Full Contact"
More "Full Contact" nuttiness
Even more great Chinglish from "Full Contact"
A nice way to describe a girl you like
Why Wong Jing is my hero
I don't know what Diana Pang Dan is eating, but I sure want to be it
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar
What you do not want a girl with a gun to say
The mandatory Christy Chung T&A pic
Jackie Chan shows why he made "The Tuxedo"
The banana knows all
Jackie takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'
Apparently there's also some white guy named Jackie Chan
Someone got their Jackie Chan movies confused
Even Mario knows kung fu nowadays
Let's play "guess where Wong Jing's hand is"
Quit making fun of Ekin Cheng

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