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I was bit hesitant to put up this page. One of the things that annoys me about the internet is that some people feel the need to put up anything and everything about themselves (do we REALLY need to see pictures of your dog?). However, I seem to be getting a lot of similar questions lately and so I will hope this page will save us both some time.

Can you add a link to my site?

If you want to be linked here, just E-mail me. All I ask for is a reciprocal link. However, I want to make this a site for quality movie links, so please keep these things in mind if you want your site listed here:

Do you have a banner?






Will you put up my banner?

I cannot put up a banner unless there is some kind of reciprocal agreement (either I write for your site or I am an affiliate).

Will you put up a link/banner for, or become an affiliate with our commercial site?

For general movie/DVD sales sites, please email me. For all other inquiries, please read the information below:

Hong Kong Film Net (HKFilm) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.

Can I use content from your site on mine?

Can I use a picture on a message board/forum/blog?

No. This kind of thing eats up a lot of bandwidth, and frankly, I'm not paying for you to be able to have a nifty picture in your posts. If you want to download a picture from here and use it on your own webspace, that's cool, but otherwise, you're going to get this:

or this:

And don't bother e-mailing in whining about how the picture isn't showing up. Get your own damn host or just use a site like PhotoBucket.

Why Hong Kong movies?

I just really like them. I have always been a fan of action movies, and I enjoy the way HK movies often go into areas Hollywood wouldn't even touch.

What are your favorite movies/actors/directors?

Hm, why don't you check out this section first?

Where do you find the info for the biographies?

The usual -- books, other sites, writeups on DVDs.

Do you trade movies or know where to download them?

No -- and I don't provide info/links to get them, either. Piracy is a huge problem for the HK movie industry, so if you enjoy the movies, do the right thing and only buy legitimate copies.

Do you have nude pictures or adult/porn/XXX movies of (insert actor's name here)?

No. I don't have any problem with nudity or sex, but I want to keep the site fairly "family-friendly" and browseable by everyone regardless of where they're from or what filters they might have on. If you're really desperate to look at naked Asian people, go over to Google, type in something like "Asian boobies" and knock yourself out.

When did the site start?

It started as a John Woo tribute site in March 1998.


And then I started reviewing other HK movies under the really lame name of "All Guns Blazing". Later, I added a section about Wong Jing, which then became the first site dedicated to him.


Due to time constraints (and laziness), the John Woo and Wong Jing sites were melded into the product which you see before you. The whole "Hong Kong Film Net" name came about because was already taken and I went with -- I guess it just kind of stuck.

Old Splash Logo

If you're really bored, you can go here or here to check out archived versions of my site, but don't expect much.

How big is the site?

As of this writing (November 2009), it is 1760 pages, with 1004 movie reviews. Altogether, the site weighs in at about 1.4 GB.

How much traffic does the site get?

Around 45,000 visitors and 450,000 hits a month, which isn't a huge number, but I think it's pretty damn good for a site run by just one guy that doesn't offer any T&A.

Why do I see this site referred to as "Mr. Blue's"?

My screen name when I was an AOL lamer was mrblue845 (I was a huge Quentin Tarantino fan at the time), so some people referred to my earlier sites as "Mr. Blue's".


Who hosts your site?

Lunar Pages -- they offer some pretty good deals, so if you're tired of the crappy service from the free servers, check them out. I was previously on Tripod, Xoom and AOL -- they all suck in my opinion. I was also on Burlee; their service was good but I found some of their billing practices to be deceptive.

For cheap and reliable web hosting visit this site

What do you use to make the site?

I'm generally broke, so most of the programs I use are free:

sweet sweet liquor

Do you have any formal training?

I graduated with a minor in film studies from the prestigious (*cough*) St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, a school known more for drinking, hockey riots and racist rednecks than actual learning. As for the HTML, you can probably tell that I taught myself.


Can I write reviews for your site?

I take some pride in knowing that all of this was mashed together by yours truly, so no. If you really want to write reviews without running a full site, you can always go to The Hong Kong Movie Database.

Do you like other Asian movies?

Yes, as the site is growing, you will probably start to notice reviews of movies from other Asian countries on here.

Why isn't (insert name of movie/actor) on here?

In the case of movies, it's because I haven't seen it. For actors, it's because reliable info is hard to find or I'm just too lazy to write up a biography for that particular actor.

How often do you update?

Usually once a week, but this can vary. At the least, I offer up four or five new movie reviews a month.

You don't like (insert name of movie/actor)! You suck!

Remember that what you see here was put together by one guy in his spare time. I don't pretend to be any sort of "professional" and the stuff here is just my opinion, plain and simple.


Of course, you don't have to agree, but you don't have to be a jerk about your own opinion, either. And if you do feel the need to flame me, at least use your damn spell checker.

What happened to all the multimedia stuff that was on here?

I was over my bandwidth limit (mostly due to idiots leeching my files) so I had to take most of that area down.

What's up with all the reviews of US movies? I thought this was a site about Hong Kong/Asian movies.

True, I do cover a good amount of US movies, but they're usually those that feature HK or Asian-related persons. I'll admit, some of them are a stretch, but I think if you're interested in HK/Asian movies, you might want to know about some related ones from the US. Besides, some people like Jackie Chan are more "Hollywood" rather than HK now, and I think excluding those films is kind of short-sighted.

Are you really a "gweilo" (white guy)? Do you know Chinese?

Yes, I'm a white guy from Minnesota, which I guess makes me really white. I know very little Chinese, so please don't send any e-mails in them, because most likely I'll just delete them.

How much does the site cost to run? Can I help support it in some way?

I won't give out specific figures, but rest assured that I'm losing money on the site -- not to mention all the time I sink into it. I'm not going to beg anyone for money, but if you like the site and want to help keep it running, the best thing to do is visit some of my sponsors. If you don't want to buy DVDs, you can click on a few of the Google ads.

I tried sending you e-mail before but you didn't respond.

I get a LOT of spam like the crap pictured below, so if you don't have a clear subject, most likely I just deleted it.

stupid ad

Do you have a picture of yourself?

I don't know why people would want to see me, but here you go:


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